STREAM: Connan Mockasin – Caramel

Connan Mockasin caramel

When I last saw Connan Mockasin, he’d grown his hair out and was shambling around on stage during his Field Day 2013 performance, apologizing for everything. He rattled through the classics and mumbled something or other about trying some new songs out on us, noting he’d just finished recording his new album. Later on and only driven mildly psychotic by [...]

SEE: David Bowie’s downstairs toilet in his ‘Love is Lost’ (“Hello Steve Reich” mix) video

David Bowie

Recently, David Bowie bumped into James Murphy during the anecdote of the year recording of Arcade Fire’s glorious, sound-of-my-soul tier single ‘Reflektor‘. Whilst there, they came to the conclusion that absolutely nothing bad could come out of them working together, and lo, it came to be that James Murphy’s “Hello Steve Reich” mix of ‘Love is Lost’ found its way [...]

NEWS: The Based God now has his face on gym shorts

based shorts
  • 12 Jul 13

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Being Lil B is no easy job, in between hosting his world famous #girltime sessions (and other #historical events in his Twitter), producing more music than mere mortals can fathom and spreading enough positivity to blanket this fair enough in enough love to drown out the hate. As such, some of his devoted followers spend both time and money in helping the [...]

STREAM: TV Girl – Lonely Women EP

tv girl lonely women

It’s been hard not getting hyped over TV Girl. Their 2011 single, the untouchable ‘Benny and the Jetts‘, proved that there was still plenty of mileage in maximalist, sample-happy pop, provided you did it with all your vital organs strapped to your sleeve. Followed one year later by their ‘The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle‘ mixtape, a record with [...]

STREAM: Pity Sex – Feast of Love LP

Pity Sex Feast Of Love High Res

Last year (or 2012, to those who stumbled across this page through a poorly curated museum in the future), I spent countless hours trawling through the perpetual disappointment machine known as Bandcamp. You know how it is, you start out with one regional emo group, go via a few pub rock acts and come out by some bossa nova, but [...]

SEE: Kanye West’s American Psycho parody/Yeezus promo


Now, be honest, when you first heard that Kanye West was soon to release the follow up to his much adored 2010 effort My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it wasn’t the promise of more soul sample re-purposing that got you hyped, was it? No, like most others, you caught wind of something else, something properly exciting blowing in from the east. Indeed, [...]

HEAR: Washed Out – It All Feels Right

  • 12 Jun 13

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Ever since Washed Out’s Ernest Greene debuted in 2009 with the ‘High Times’ EP, he has been producing woozy, sun-kissed and hip-hop influenced synthpop that ambles at a pace that could be accurately described as that which you’d walk to a beach BBQ; suitably his second EP (which contained a track titled ‘Feel It All Around’) was named ‘Life of [...]

NEWS: Kraftwerk conducts interview standing in a line, confirms new LP

  • 12 Jun 13

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  Legendary electro-kraut outfit Kraftwerk is, according to Ralf Hütter, working on a new album. In an interview with the Guardian, Hütter stated “Now we can concentrate on number nine” echoing similar claims made last year; their last release was 2003’s ‘Tour De France Soundtracks’, which received middling reviews. No luck on getting an estimated time of arrival though – [...]

VIDEO: David Lynch – I’m Waiting Here (Feat. Lykke Li)

I'm Waiting Here David Lynch

Waiting for David Lynch is practically a full time profession. Between his extensive schedule of directing live web-casts of Duran Duran (really), creating premium coffee brands and running the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace (really really) there’s nary a moment (or 6 months) to assemble the cast and crew to make a follow up to 2006′s brilliant [...]

HEAR: Boards of Canada’s new album live here at 9PM UK/8PM EU/1PM PST/4PM EST

boc album stream
  • 03 Jun 13

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Assuming you don’t live in Yermo, California, there’s a pretty decent chance that you missed out on Boards of Canada’s very latest attempt at getting people hyped for their freshest (and long overdue) LP ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’. Granted, letting roughly 20 people judge your music is one way to avoid publicity (albeit, in the most publicity friendly way ever invented), but [...]