WATCH: Warpaint – Warpaint


Is it possible to be in love with several people all at once? Well if you’re anything like myself you belong to an incestuous religious cult, where that sort of thing is encouraged (amongst other day to day Satan worshipping, animal sacrificing mundanities…) However I realise that the constant threat of mass suicide isn’t for everyone and for those darned prudes, I suggest an infatuation with Warpaint, a gaggle of women so perfect in every aspect that saying you dislike them is tantamount to blasphemy. Not content with releasing one of the best albums of 2010, LA’s finest foursome have only gone and transferred that expertise through to their video production, creating a promo for confusingly titled track Warpaint, that’s actually really rather good an’ that. Throughout its Stephen King’s IT minus the murderous clown, aping 3:50 we learn several things.

1. In the similar method to bringing Sea Monkeys to life/a block of noodles to tastiness, guitarist Theresa Wayman, is actually a Just Add Water: Disheveled Katy Perry-alike.

2. To Catch a Predator Chic is a criminally underrated trend. Fashion fans take note, Topshop will have their own Sex Offenders Register line of clothing before the year is out, mark my words.

3. And a submerged semi Victorian utopia, brimming with frolicking members of Warpaint awaits beneath any form of H20, be it a puddle, a globule of spit, or indeed the ocean. Watch above/dive headfirst into the nearest glass of water a.s.a.p