VIDEO: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “The Body”

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That there, sirs and ladies, is the band known as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart suffering from the pains of being in a park. Did you get that joke? Good – then we may carry on.

As every blog on the net has already reported (I AM SLOW) the ‘Pains have released a video for ‘The Body’, a stand-out song from their sophomore effort ‘Belong’. The song is full of bubbly synths and this is reflected by plenty of bubbly seas in the video, which somehow manages to look like a Spike Jonze film crossed with something you might get banned for on 4chan.

We see the ‘ofs as little children, playing around on a beach, and as adults, going about their shitty mundane routines. Note that they all wake up alone; if that wasn’t done specifically to reach out to lonely fucks like me, I don’t know what was.

Watch it above, or here if you love MTV or something. Of course, feel free to leave me abusive messages in the comments.