VIDEO: Slow Magic – ‘Corvette Cassette’


There is only one thing I love more than alitteration, and that is music that is hazy, backed by pitch-shifted vocals and sometimes described as glo-fi. Imagine my orgamisc pleasure, then, when I happened across this track by the mysterious Slow Magic. It comes paired with some soft-focus visuals that bleed the type of pretty colours that make sixteen year old girls who wear Jack Wills and Hollister download Hipstamatic for their iPhones.

Nobody knows who is behind the project (bookies are betting on it being Aphex Twin, in a possible move to monopolise the anonymous electronic producer market), but you can find their suitably pastel-flavoured bandcamp HERE, where you can stream the rest of their debut EP, ‘ā–²’ (what an original non-hipster name, bravo gentlemen.)