WATCH: Radiohead employ new identical bald drummer, play new song ‘Staircase’

199 radiohead live

When Radiohead were in the studio for their latest LP, ‘The King of Limbs’, they were sometimes hungry. When they became hungry, they would egg the egg-headed drum-hitter and occasional soft-spoken singer-songwriter Philip Selway into travelling to the nearest Subway, a whole hour away, and buying many sandwiches which they could consume. As soon as they heard his car leave the drive, they would begin to record the album, with the help of a drum machine called ‘Gonzales’ which they would wheel out of the cupboard.

Of course, Selway eventually found out about this and was understandably offended. So, to make up for completely replacing him with a drum machine, they let him bring a clone to their upcoming ‘From The Basement’ session. Clive Deamer, his name is, apparently; twice the hairless hilarity! Unfortunately, none of this will make up for Selway’s wife leaving him for a drum machine.

Anyway, ‘Staircase’ is a synth-heavy, precisely-drummed stomp of a song, with soul-lifting vocals from Yorke in the chorus and suitably funky bass lines shot directly out of Colin Greenwood’s orgamisc bass face. As I exhausted all of my creative energy making up a story to start the post, you’ll have to listen to it yourself. What a shame.