WATCH: LCD Soundsystem retire, LIVE, over something called the ”internet”?

275 lcd

Like deadly beige shitcoms that drag their empty laughless carcasses across a mediocre minefield of midday meaninglessness , or the career move we’re all rooting Liam Gallagher to take, the occasion has arrived where James Murphy (or LCD Soundsystem when he’s in band form) calls time on his dance punk day job. Yes tonight is the big moment when James’ attention whore-athon retirement comes into effect, and you can enjoy the 3 hour spectacle, courtesy of your eyes, maybe a little participation from your ears, Pitchfork, and if you’re a hardcore fan probably your hand and nether regions… Expect some lovably ramshackle my wife just left me and I’m living in a bedsit yelping, about a thousand hip wiggle’s worth of electro funk, maybe some tears, and a few songs that sound suspiciously like David Bowie’s back-catalogue. Pitchfork are hoarding the link to themselves (those bloody greedy hipsters…) at the minute, but they promised us a live stream of the gig, and they wouldn’t disappoint us would they? Because then they’d be no better than rapists, and people who illegally download music under the pretence that they’ll buy the album if they like what they hear, only to pocket the money and their sordid mp3’s. You know who you are you cake owners/eaters….(rapists you should think about what you’ve done as well…)

Here’s a link to Pitchfork, and a little something to brighten up your day.

(I lied about the day brightening sorry)

Update: You can watch it up there now ya dingus! Top of this post dummy!