SEE: Jeff Mangum perform a set at Occupy Wall Street

122 jeff mangum has an orgasm

Protesting, ey? What a fine old sport it is, drenched in the blood of a million innocents, it’s almost enough to send a boy crazy with excitement. Still, there’s always somebody who turns up to ruin the constant party, and that person is nearly always Jeff “I’ll stain your mountaintops” Mangum. This time, he brought his geetur for a good old fashioned singalong with literally tens of protesters who quickly filled the air with choice cries from Mangum’s Anne Frank missin’, Nazi hatin’, Jesus lovin’ classic “In the Airplane Over the Sea”*. Thankfully, due to the wonders of technology, we also got a livestream precicely like the one you can now view above. Well, it’s not live, but it is a stream, so deal with it. Here’s what he played!

01 “Themselves” (Minutemen cover)
02 “Holland, 1945″
03 “Ghost”
04 “Song Against Sex”
05 “Two-Headed Boy Part 2″
06 “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”
07 “The King of Carrot Flowers Part 1″
08 “Oh Comely”

*Yes, I’m quite aware that Song Against Sex was not from ITAOTS, nor was ‘Themselves’. It just reads better that way.