VIDEO: Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Creative Tyler – “Rella”


How many people have you actually ever met that aren’t white and middle-class? Let’s be honest, dear reader, your life is about as black as the House of Lords. Your friends are white, everyone who likes you is white, and all the other ethnicities laugh at you because you have a small penis and can’t dance.

So, in many ways, you’re basically like Tyler the Creator. You probably dress better though. At any rate, the first song has been dropped from the upcoming Odd Future mixtape (well, no, commercially released album) and it is, as you might expect, mind-numbingly Odd Future. They refer to women in a fairly derogatory manner, talk about weed and Supreme; this time though, lucky listerner, they do so in a way far more jaded and conscious of possible profit than ever before. They even sound bore—

Actually no, this explains it: