WATCH: Chromatics – “Looking for Love”


Chrome! Oh, that sexy chemical element, keeping us warm at night by safely assuring us that, yes, even our cheapest tat can be awfully shiny if you treat itjust right.  But that’s not all, oh no, lots of great things have made use of chromium, you know, umm—Google Chrome! It was also used in making China’s vaguely famous terracotta army (as seen in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, you know). Chromatics, on the other hand, aren’t expressly made out of chrome, no, they’re largely water with some fleshy bits for flair but they’re still alright, I guess.

If you’re one of those individuals who’ve thus far escaped the charms of America’s finest synthpop/noisy disco purveyors, then what finer place to start than their latest moving-picture-film-thing, ‘Looking For Love’? None, probably. The video – which mostly comprises of good looking people doing interesting things, more or less the exact opposite of my life – is dwarfed in greatness by the erotic synth-led march of a track. Dripping with more sex juices than a fourteen year old’s tissue box (don’t worry, they’ll never find out), the whispery repetition of the song’s title is anchored by space-age bursts of sound and a Jimmy Saville-like beat (you know, it simply refuses to stop (sorry))

Edited from a presumably Finnegans Wake-proportioned cut of seventeen minutes, Chromatics remain at the top of their apparently rather long-winded game & they’re all the better for it.



  • Emilio Basa

    “Dripping with more sex juices than a fourteen year old’s tissue box” lmao. Best line ever in a music review!