WATCH: Cat’s Eyes – ‘Face In The Crowd’

262 cats eyes

Yes, Cat’s Eyes, the unlikely pairing of Nick Cave-ite and ex-Rotter, Faris Badwan, and Canadian soprano and player-of-many-instruments Rachel Zeffira. If you managed to read the previous sentence in between the hyphens, you will probably be thinking, “But, Liam, my guide through the weird and wacky world that is CURRENT MUSIC, what attracted these two people to each other?” Unfortunately, I know not. Maybe a mutual appreciation of the colour black, maybe just a mutual appreciation of ghostly 60s girlbands. I have a hunch it’s the black though, I’ve seen Faris browsing in Hot Topic. I wouldn’t tell anyone. Especially not the NME.

Anyway, the duo have thought it appropriate to make a video for their – surprise, surprise – ghostly, heartbreaking 60s girlband-esque single ‘Face In The Crowd’ off their debut, which I would review if I didn’t only enjoy reviewing bad albums to punish myself. Next up: Panic! At The Disco.