WATCH: Adam Green’s “The Wrong Ferarri” ketamine movie

170 the wrong ferrari

You’re only human, and in that respect you’re partial to badly filmed, directed, edited and written movie’s shot on popular apple flavoured mobile communication devices, I get it. But what if that hideous cinematic triumph was a ketamine fuelled hipster who’s who featuring people so much better looking, funny and attractive than you could ever be? That’s ‘The Wrong Ferrari’, by ex Mouldy Peaches/unofficial 6th member of The Strokes/solo artist Adam Green. It’s even got a cast list so painfully hip that I’ve contracted a mild stomach virus while writing this short collection of words.

Forgive me, did I to mention is stars none other than


Yeah, well it does. It is also very much

As it features not only many naked people but Adam Green being fucked in the ass with a dildo (see above).

If you’re cool with all that, head over here to watch it/download it for absolutely nothing.