VIDEO: Warpaint bring “Billie Holiday” to the All Saints Sessions, steal yet more of my heart

274 warpaint

The All Saints basement sessions (your basement totally looks like that, right? I mean, I KNOW mine is full of Singer sewing machines too) are in full force, bringing together a handful of wonderful artists a light dusting of blander than thou indie acts and one Radio One DJ for a series of interviews, soft focus and some songs inbetween all that, with this being the turn of sonically stunning quartet Warpaint. They took the time out of their busy schedule (which I assume includes sitting around, creating ethereal harmonies and being generally great) to play a musical number for camera including “Billie Holiday”, the stand out track from their 2009(!) debut EP as well as throwing together a mildly awkward interview with a guy called Christopher Tubbs, which you can feed your eyes with, below.

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