WARBLING WARNING: Florence And The Machine – What The Water Gave Me


There’s been something missing in your life the past couple of months hasn’t there? The unmistakable absence of a presence that was a mainstay in your day to day, has become apparent…but you don’t know what it was. ”Have I matured, my optimism of the world ebbed slowly away to the sands of time?” You ask. ”Could it be the news of aging musichameleon, David Bowie’s suspected retirement that’s left a void?  Or is it just that I can’t remember the dingus password to my email?” you ponder. Please allow me to place a finger on it. Your tinnitus has all but recovered. That loud ringing in your ears, a byproduct of daily, inescapable, subjection to shouty, runaway success single You Got The Love, has had a chance to clear up. Sirs, Madames, children, even the deaf, prepare, I warn you, Florence is back, vocal chords strengthened thanks to slog on the festival circuit last year. To be fair What The Water Gave Me is several shades more subtle than past material, simmering sinisterly, implementing choirs, bass and (of course) harp to build to an ending that explodes in a shower of smashing cymbals, and foghorn vocals. You know, for a change. Personally I preferred her short lived dance career, but that’s just me. Rediscover your fire alarm at a town crier convention case of inner ear ringing above people.