WAIT WHAT? OF THE DAY: Cyndi Lauper and Arcade Fire – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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As much of a tune as it is, I can’t help but feel that in today’s day and age (or for those of you who read The Daily Mail PC GONE MAD INNIT?) that Cyndi Lauper’s pop classic ”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ is just slightly exclusionary. Those of us born with testicles enjoy a good chuckle now and again too you know Lauples… And surely Hermaphrodites are just a walking jamboree of reproductive organs and smiles wide enough to make Cherie Blair and Russel Brand look like manic depressives, seeing as they encompass both genders… I suggest making a riposte to the original redressing the balance, ”Males Also Enjoy Activities Of A Positive Nature” or ”Both Genders Require Adequate Amounts of Pleasure”, you know something snappy. Until that day arrives, Arcade Fire are doing their best to transform the 1983 classic into a boisterous, ramshackle, festival favourite all their own. And what a welcome inclusion to their set it is, as the above video shows, it allows fully grown men to mince about like a 12 year old girl jumping around in her bedroom, and Cyndi Lauper to relive her heyday, by playing the one song she’s famous for, for yet another time. Thus proving that as well as girls, and possibly boys, festival goers, sickly pale Grammy winning indie collectives, and 1980’s popstrels enjoy this thing called ”fun” as well. Who knew?!