VIDEO: LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends”, as performed by LEGO

176 James_Murphy_2010

The fine tradition of combining dance punk’s slightly chubby poster boy with cherished memories from your past is a long and fruitful one mostly involving musical sensation The Muppets (see here and here). Fans of the medium have lately had little to grasp hold of, left cold and alone to stumble through the lumpy musical landscape, not a single toy/LCD Soundsystem combination to see them through the hard winter nights. Fear no more, as help is only a quick cursor move and click away in the form of Youtube’r and apparent LEGO fan Cometgreen with his shot-for-shot remake of the now quasi classic video for “All My Friends”.

I mean, sure, you’ve seen James Murphey dressed in his finest tuxedo, face painted and looking morose several times before. But have you ever seen him forged from plastic and forced to lip sync to songs he wrote in a body made of flesh? What? You have? Fuck this.

BUT IS IT REALLY SHOT FOR SHOT? ALEC?: Click here and look for yourself, dummy.