VIDEO: Xiu Xiu – Honeysuckle

10 xiu

Jamie Stewart fucking loves pop music. In between clattering abstraction, desperate cries and regular strokes of outright genius, he’s wont to throw in more than his fair share of dissonant pop MEGACHOONS. One such example appeared on the groups great 2012 LP “Always” under the name Honeysuckle, offering one of the groups finer moments of youcouldplaythistoafriendandtheymightnhateit-manship. Even more than that, it’s  got itself a video all of its own, helpfully eliminating the need to construct those pesky image associations yourself. You’re welcome.


YOUTUBE COMMENT OF THE DAY: “Damn, XiuXiu is still around? It’s good to see he’s still at it even if he is a bit of a wanker” – sophinana