VIDEO: Wild Beasts – Bed Of Nails


Ah the humble, bog standard, pre packed, band performance video. A staple in pop and rock music promos since, well, promo’s began, allowing us a peak at how bands see themselves performing live, as they mime melodramatically to their own songs, and into the minds of uninspired directors, who probably shouldn’t have left it until the last minute to create a concept… Theatrical thespian pop crooners Wild Beasts have you covered bro, their visual accompaniment for latest single Bed Of Nails is nothing of the sort. Considering Mary Shelley’s moral heavy psuedo-zombie classic Frankenstein was a huge inspiration for latest album Smother, the video could have seen lead singer Hayden Thorpe, ran out of town by trendy Camdenites brandishing ipads loaded with the latest ”flaming torch” app, for being a monstrously dashing mish mash of Jonathan Ross and Inspector Clouseau. But they knew they had a model that made Inception look as clever as an episode of Jersey Shore. Sexuality, another over arching theme, could have seen the band put something out so raunchy, that it could only air on late night sex phone in shows, where frustrated fans could call in to get their louche, reverby rocks off. ”Seriously, we’re trying to create a clever, captivating witty body of work here, not an episode of Hollyoaks ” they’d sneer at the notion. No the celebrated sons of Kendal have birthed something none of us saw coming.

A bog standard band performance video….with coloured lighting.

BOOM. Now we know what Wild Beasts playing at a naff school disco would resemble. I leave you to take it in.