VIDEO: The Strokes – Taken for a Fool


LOOK, we get it OKAY? The Strokes, didn’t, and never will make the spiritual follow up to their game changing indie punk debut Is This It. They didn’t return with a roster of tunes, so Armageddon-like in their impact, that they vaporised the turgid, weak and downright evil music from the face of the musical world once again; and only the most rabid sleep-in-a-leather-jacket-and-call-my-firstborn-Julian fangirls are buying the band’s ”WE’RE THE BESTEST OF BEST FRIENDS AGAIN HONEST” act. [Jack-hammered link to get you to watch video] The above promo for Taken for a Fool may have given us the reasons why [end of link] The New Yoik rapscallions have focused all their energies, and immense wealth *cough*daddy’s trust fund *cough* into more scientific exploits involving a mass cloning programme, and writing an 80’s flavoured radio heavy hit, so authentic, it fucks with the space time¬†continuum, sending existence bouncing into a bounding ball pool of particles and atoms. For what purposes, we don’t know. Industry whispers say Casablancas wants to open a worldwide franchise of Strokes themed brothels, where a tenner and a purchased copy of Angles will get you 5 minutes alone with an identikit member of your choosing. Others say its just a music video. Personally I don’t know what to believe anymore.