VIDEO: The Kills – Future Starts Slow

200 the kills

On weekends I like to hollar, wail and sometimes blow what’s left of Jamie Hince’s right mind. He doesn’t mind. Don’t even get me started on all that swinging & flailing I get done too, it’s not worth the internet it’s written on. All of this is good news for both you and I, Kills fan, because without my bizzare vocal ticks and physical outbursts The Kills absolutely wouldn’t have found the inspiration for this, the first track from their latest LP (Blood Pressures) and new single ‘Future Starts Slow’. It’s their usual combination of infectious, skeletal guitar work and precision made drum patterns alongside Hince & Mosshart sultry, cooler than thou vocals. I like it, lots. AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

Listen to it above, and watch the video while you’re at it. It’s in HD, don’t you know.