VIDEO: The Cribs – Anna


It seems like it was only last year the Jarman brothers found their usually abrasive brand of pop punk pleasantly neutered, thanks to newer older member Johnny Marr’s jaunty janglings. It seems like it was only last year because… well it was. ALOT can happen however within the relatively short space of time that is roughly 365 days, I for instance have started taking 2 sugars in my tea instead of 1. I’m a fucking new person I tell you. For the Wakefield trio though, the new year brought with it a whole host of new ideologies so drastic, the band have somehow warped the space time continuum, aging backwards in some Nothern equivalent of Benjamin Button both in their appearance and sound. First of all Marr is out. Not out in a he’s been secretly meeting up with Moz in seedy hotel rooms the width and breadth of the country in some disgustingly middle aged yet nostagically romantic sense. You’ll have to wait for my Smiths fanfic ”These Things Take Time…And A Room At Travelodge Just Off The M62” for that. He’s just not playing, or pulling this psychotic pose with them anymore. Secondly gone are the measured twinkly soundscapes found on Ignore The Ignorant, in a regression that could seem contrived if it came from anybody else. Or at least that’s the impression given from the above new track, played live for the first time at Japans unfortunatley named Clockenflap festivel (hurr). Chugging its way into The Cribs repertoire as a vintage bridge to their scrappy punk past, Anna hints that the trio are channeling the same aesthetic that they were before they were even considered New Fellas. Gritty scuzz punk guitars and tumbling rolling drums thunder under Gary’s cries of ”And I was only asking, what I knew was right”, framing him as much of a naive romantic as when they were singing ”And I’m learning how to fight
kissing you goodnight, but I still can’t really tell you why I’m blue”. With talks of a double album, a 15 minute track and production by Albini, I don’t think I can put into words how excited I am/you should be for this.

I guess this will have to do.