VIDEO: The Based God turns rock icon #swag #rare #based #reinvention

lil b based rare swag tybg

The actions and motives of The Based God are often difficult for we of mortal construct to decipher. True, musics nicest (see the three part YouTube documentary starting here) and most prolific rapper might well describe himself as a “Mogul, First Rapper Ever To Write And Publish A Book at 19, Film Score, Composer, Producer,Director/Photo/Branding/Marketing/Historical Online” but to his credit, all of those things are true, he is one #based bastard. Of course, when you’ve released more than a couple of thousand of tracks in the rap vein, it’s time to consider a move into the world of fairly inoffensive¬†soft rock, which explains Lil B’s newest faultless musical expansion – a fairly inoffensive soft rock track extolling the virtues of positive vibes and female respect, which is like most other Lil B tracks, but this time it has guitars. Genius, really.

It can be heard above.

Thank you Based God, if I had a bitch, you could fuck her.