VIDEO: Summer Camp – Down


Aw shit, look who it is. Mother fuckin’ Summer Camp all up in this joint. What’s that? You think you don’t have enough 80’s style Blondie throwbacks in your collection? Damn right you don’t, that’s where these cats come in. Sure, I’ve written about them before, but this is the here and now, man. So where is all this outstanding modernity coming at you from? It’s their latest single, a catchy little “please leave me alone” anthem for people who either

A) enjoy the musical efforts of pop obsessed boy/girl duos whose first EP was grossly overrated yet still pretty good


B) refuse to listen to songs with run times over 2 minutes 32 seconds, therefore holding a collection of songs mostly written by Guided By Voices

You may choose one, and one only.

INFORMATION AND THAT: ‘Down’ will appear on that debut long-player they’ve got coming out on the 31st of October entitled “Welcome to Condale”. It promises to be at least very good.

A le c