VIDEO: Solange and Dev perform “Bad Girls” in a unexpected location


The year is 2023; England finds itself in the midst of a sextuple dip recession, our economy buoyed only by the repeated prostitution of former boy group One Direction. Crime is rife, with government officials bumping Manchester from a ‘Mad Max’ classification to ‘The Road’ in search of a post-apocalyptic film metaphor strong enough. It is also in this year that video artists finally exhaust the list of unusual places you can film a band session in, having been told that surgical theaters are not acceptable places to record musicians performing stripped down versions of well known songs, despite being called theaters and having elaborate lighting arrangements. The situation is indeed bleak, but one visionary, struck dumb by a moment of genius reaches for a camera and inserts it deep inside his own rectum before picking up a guitar and playing an alternative version of a song he already wrote. It is the beginning of a new dawn in session recording, and a bright day for humanity.

Above, you can see Solange performing her True cut “Bad Girls” with Dev Hynes in a taxi. It’s certainly an unusual place to film a session.