VIDEO: SoKo – First Love Never Die


A long time ago (2009), in a land far away (France), SoKo got all upset with everything, everybody, and every sound she produced, then ran off to go make some more films over in her homeland. It wasn’t all that fun, mostly because I found myself with distressingly low quality recordings of her work and no sign of an album in sight (she shelved it, as discussed here). So what did we, fans of cutesy idiosyncratic folk pop do? Uh, well, nothing. Actually. Just moaned a bit on the internet and carried on with our lives, like any sane human being would do. Not to say we didn’t lose our shit in a incredibly subdued way in August when she broke the news of her forthcoming début album, “I Thought I Was An Alien“, because we absolutely did. No, we’re a crazy bunch, sometimes we put two sugars in our tea. Splendid news, then, because we’ve got an entirely new video for the lovely “First Love Never Die”. Which features some lovely children frolicking around lovely places being all lovely and that, as directed by Soko & Matthew Gray Gubler. You can see it above.

BONUS: Oh, Matthew Gray Gubler, where do I know that name? Oh, wait.

“I Thought I Was An Alien” is being released on 20th of February