VIDEO: Primal Scream – 2013

primal scream 2013

Imagine you’re in a band, right, just knocking about in your rehearsal space. There’s Kevin Shields fucking around with vacuum cleaners and pedals in the back. There’s some guy with a sax, nobody invited him, but he’s throwing out this Disney’s Aladdin hook which sounds pretty decent, but will end up in the middle of the mix anyway, just because sax hasn’t been at the front of the mix for 20 years. Then there’s you, the lovable rouge known to friend and doe alike as Bobby Gillespie, desperately trying to make another timeless record before people stop associating you with that record all together. What’s a poor boy like you to do, but name your song after the year in which it’s been released? Nothing, you could do nothing else. That’s why Primal Scream have chosen to name their latest single ‘2013′, which also happens the first cut from their latest album More Light (their first since 2008, you know)which my sources (the Internet) tell me (everyone) is set to arrive in our critical laps on the 6th of May via First International.

In even better news, this is merely a radio edit, with the final version clocking in at a not inconsiderate 9 minutes, you’re about to hear a whole lot more about this “rock and roll nation” very soon indeed. Count your lucky stars.