VIDEO: Mac DeMarco – Ode To Viceroy


It would appear that in this time of instanostalgia (ha! see what I did!) the world has forgotten just what a VHS tape actually looked like, buried underneath a poorly colour corrected ocean of hipster smugness. Indeed, there’s scarcely a music video released these days that doesn’t hark back to those simpler times in THE LAZIEST WAY POSSIBLE via poor focus, terrible editing and some insipid bastard flouncing around like he’s the one out of the boy band who never really enjoyed what he was doing. Mac DeMarco is the latest artist to fall in to this alluring trap, with the video for the standout track from his latest album ‘2‘ , ‘Ode To Viceroy’, which over shots of him smoking, looking at smoking memorabilia and wandering with his geetur (that’s industry for guitar), you’ll find one of the worst examples of horribly incorrect VHS style filters ever witnessed. For comparisons sake, here’s a few stills from both my original VHS copy of the Chippnedales seminal work out routine ‘Muscle Motion’ (circa 1983) and Mac DeMarco’s ‘Ode To Viceroy’ video (circa 2012) placed side by side.

Mac DeMarco’s ‘2’ is out now on Captured Tracks, where it is mostly busy being brilliant. Get it.