VIDEO: Los Campesinos! – Songs About Your Girlfriend


Fans of disembodied heads, strippers, Gareth’s ability to mime like he’s talking and the music of Los Campesinos, rejoice, your day has finally come. Indeed, the gang have finally gotten around to producing a video for antagonistic masterpiece Songs About Your Girlfriend. It’s the latest single from their 4th LP, Hello Sadness, and as such follows in the morose-o-pop footsteps of previous singles By Your Hand & Hello Sadness by not only getting it’s own video, but also a few choice words on these here pages (don’t bother telling me that wasn’t their goal, because it was). Blazing a narrative trail in which more bands are sure to tread, Songs combines over-sized cardboard cutouts and the soulless gyrating of bodies for hire with effortless ease. Coming up next, The Fall.