VIDEO: Kindness – House

5 Kindness-adam-bainbridge

A.D Bainbles (or Adam Bainbridge to those less familiar) is a pretty nice guy. Sure, he’s not quite Lil B levels of lovely, but generally, he’s a pretty grand sort of chap. He’s also the sole imagination behind Kindness, an act which has been hopelessly fawned with on this very site more times than we care to remember (or share with the court). To that end, you can consider these words yet another foolish attempt to fall in love with us and not just name songs after our background colour. The official video for the confirmed-as-excellent House finds Bainbles deconstructing pop music, the indifferent “cool” of  modern musicians and even finding time to teach a young boy how to perform the single himself; an act that is, of course, extremely sweet and heart warming, yeah, but that kid was touching a Linn LM-1. He didn’t even take a moment to shed a few tears of joy. He must be a monster. 

See the video above, and while you’re at it, get the entire album, it’s really good.