VIDEO: Kindness – Cyan

5 Kindness-adam-bainbridge

We love Arthur Russell Adam Bainbridge, it’s true. It’s that special kind of feeling when you just want to turn their music into a physical being and take it home to show your parents. Thankfully, and he loves us too. As proven by his recent ode to the background colour of this very website (proof once and for all that cyan is the colour of the year, every year). Mercifully, it hasn’t changed all that much since our previous post (read: not at all), so you may rest assured that it’s still the perfect slice of Calling Out Of Context era Arthur Russell shuffle funk that it was all those 17 days ago. The world is a very different place to how it was back then, of course, Bruce Forsyth didn’t even have a knighthood, a fact rudely ignored by the official video, which mostly just features Bainy wandering around past signs which just so happen to feature words that exsist also in the lyrics to the song. Bastard.

See it above.