VIDEO: Kate Bush – Deeper Understanding

251 Kate-Bush-Deeper-Understanding

Kate Bush has gone and done what Steven Spielberg did for the original (and best) Star Wars films, or what Jacko (ALLEGEDLY) did for child like innocence ie gone back and tampered with something that should have been left well alone. By seemingly importing her old tracks into bandcamp, and splicing the same dodgy vocoder warblings as David Lynch going ”electronic” over them, Kate has mangled together ”modern” re-imaginings of older material. Deeper Understanding‘s promo is equally cutting edge, featuring a talking computer (not even joking now…are we in the future or what?), Hagrid from Harry Potter sans his all of ZZ Top all at once image, and Noel Fielding reprising his role as that Kate Bush/Florence Welch/70’s footballer hybrid drag act he performed for Comic Relief last year. The absurdity of the video balances things out. Almost.  Every artist needs to grow, but this isn’t artistic growth you’d expect from Kate, its the sort of growth your dear old gran finds erupting from her foot, and goes to the doctor to get some cream to sort it ie the musical equivalent of a corn on the pristine back catalogue of Bush.

That’s a sentence I thought I would never/never have to say.