VIDEO: Jens Lekman walks on sand in “Become Someone Else’s”

jens lekman is standing on sand with a hat on, so what

There are several things we take as fact in this crazy, post-ironic, metamodernist world of ours. 1) You will never find that super cool shirt you swear you put in the wash a couple of years ago, 2) YouTube comments are part of a government conspiracy to send people to edge people closer to suicide, and, of course, 3) Jens Lekman will always release a videos of himself miming to his singles in unusual locations. This month we’re being treat to album highlight (fuck you, it is) “Become Someone Else’s”, with its beautiful upright piano and typical lyrical panache, alongside a video of Jens walking the sands of Denmark, which, for those unaware, is a naturally occurring build up of granular stones and minerals. The more you know, ey? See the video above.

Become Someone Else’s is from Lekman’s newest, and arguably best, record I Know What Love Isn’t. Which is a very fine investment, if you’re wondering.