VIDEO: Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t

jens lekman i know what love isn't

Is there a more distressing sight than the previously haired Jens Lekman, a man whose experiences getting a rug adjustment inspired the best song from his 2007 record, striding around a studio with nary a hair on his bonce? The quick answer is no, there clearly isn’t. But it’s fine, he’d likely tell you, he’s still got his health. If only it were that simple. Still, things are looking pretty grand for old Jens’y (see, it’s like Jenny! Ha!), what with the release of his first record in 5 years, I Know What Love Isn’tslowly revealing itself in front of our poor, mortal eyes. What we have here is not that album, but it is a song from it, with the same title, which may or may not be confusing depending on your particular mental capacity. ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’ (the song) finds the ever wonderful Jens singing about about shying away from a marriage of convinence, on the basis that he’d just end up singing a song about it anyway. Here’s some choice lyrics.

“So let’s get married, i’m serious, but only for the citizenship, I’ve always liked the idea of it, a relationship that doesn’t lie, about it’s intentions or shit”

“Hey, do you wanna go see a band? No, I hate bands, it’s always packed with men spooning their girlfriends, holding their hands” 

“Listen to music and look at girls, I want to know if we have the same taste, do you like blondes or brunettes, the cuccooned or the coquettes”

On a side note, it’s comforting to hear Jens subscribes wholeheartedly to the Official Lads Bird Scoring Chart 2012. I Know What Love Isn’t arrives via Service on the 3rd of December.