VIDEO: Hot Chip – Look At Where We Are

look at where we are

Hot Chip are now a month removed from the release of their fifth and best record to date (It’s In Our Heads, dummy) and the gang have finally seen fit to release the sheer ring stinging musical excellence of ‘Look At Where We Are’ as a real life, bonafide single. “Why is this such good news?”, I imagine you’re asking yourself. Well, it means that it’s gone and gotten the full 24fps slideshow treatment to keep it warm during (hopefully) many cold nights in the devastatingly tragic UK singles chart. The effortless slow jam’s video was directed by “experimental video artist” Danny Perez, which, for those not entirely au fait in the mental workings of experimental video artists, means that what you’re getting is a sort of Franenstien’s monster is actually a super-model sort of vibe. Naturally.

In Our Heads is out now via Domino, you should get it.

BONUS ROUND: Here’s ‘Look At Where We Are’ featuring a lovely cover of Prince’s 10/10 GOAT masterpeice ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’, performed for the purpose of a BBC session.