VIDEO: Dustin Wong – Pink Diamond


Ah, the humble music video. Where would we be without their kind? If this were any kind of place, i’d be asking you to conceive of a world where we created our own visuals to go alongside music, with nothing but the power of our minds. Alas, even humble goal that is beyond us now, for when Madonna sings about making filthy love inside a discotheque (she still calls them that, you know), the modern mind simply cannot generate the image without a 24fps slideshow of her creaking crotch to go along. For which we are eternally thankful. What we’ve got here then, is a video for Dustin Wong’s newest single, Pink Diamond, straight outta his second LP (you know the one, it’s called Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads, I liked it). Featuring what appears to be a early 80’s digital Spirograph, chilling out max and relaxing all cool alongside his bros “abstract shape” and “fuzzy outline”, it’s the kind of video which if were not accompanied by Dustin’s hypnotically looped, beautifully deranged one man guitar orchestra, I might be tempted to have a little whine. As it stands, I’m going to let it happen.

Get’cho fix below, and while i’m at it, it’s a free download over here, courtesy of the lovely Thrill Jockey.