VIDEO: David Lynch – I’m Waiting Here (Feat. Lykke Li)

I'm Waiting Here David Lynch

Waiting for David Lynch is practically a full time profession. Between his extensive schedule of directing live web-casts of Duran Duran (really), creating premium coffee brands and running the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace (really really) there’s nary a moment (or 6 months) to assemble the cast and crew to make a follow up to 2006’s brilliant Inland Empire. Instead, we make do with what little scraps he leaves behind him as he marches ever forwards. One of those scraps is this, the video for his collaboration with collab-bot 9000 Lykke Li, a hauntingly pretty little dream pop number that sounds closer to Twin Peaks’ ‘Just You and I‘ more than anything else. Remarkably, I’m Waiting Here doesn’t form part of the track listing proper for Lynch’s new record ‘The Big Dream’, and instead appears only as a bonus track. Don’t believe me? Gaze upon it yourself.

01 The Big Dream
02 Star Dream Girl
03 Last Call
04 Cold Wind Blowin
05 The Ballad of Hollis Brown (Bob Dylan cover)
06 Wishin’ Well
07 Say It
08 We Rolled Together
09 Sun Can’t Be Seen No More
10 I Want You
11 The Line It Curves
12 Are You Sure
13 I’m Waiting Here [ft. Lykke Li] (bonus track)

‘I’m Waiting Here’ was directed by Daniel Desure, because apparently Lynch doesn’t even direct his own music videos anymore. Pre-order The Big Dream here (UK or US), it’ll drop on July 15th in Europe via Sunday Best or, the Americans amongst us, July 16 in via Sacred Bones.