VIDEO: Bon Iver – Holocene

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It’s a festival of Justin Vernon news! Or, to those of you out there who enjoy shortening things, a Vernival. Hot off the heels of news regarding the forthcoming Justin Vernon & James Blake collaboration (which you can read about by clicking here, if only for my mad Photoshop skillz) comes this, the stunning video for Holocene. Directed by ‘NABIL’ (their capitalization, not mine), it’s more Iceland than you’re probably used to without Kerry-fucking-Katona shoving her useless, stinking face into your universe and once again proving that there truly is no god, which is a good thing. Want more proof? It debuted on The National Geographic’s website, a fact I felt the need to include, despite it bearing little importance.

It’s lovely by the way, you’re allowed to enjoy this one.


Fuck you Kerry, I will end you.