VIDEO: Beck covers David Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’ with over 160 musicians, wonders openly ’bout it

beck sound and vision

Oi, you. Yes, you, the one pissing away hours and hours sat in front of a computer screen, hoping for a few minutes of distraction before actually having to get things done. Want to see something cool? How about a full nine minutes of Beck deconstructing a David Bowie classic with the help of a multitude of assembled musicians and a nightmarish, disembodied head held high above the stage? Doesn’t that sound like just the bizarre dystopian musical future you’d love to see? Well, wait no longer, because from the labor of Beck and uh, American car company Lincoln, comes this – the exact thing I described just a moment ago. The video is available above in anything from lowly 240p to the majestic 1080p, but if you’re of the waitin’ kind, we are being promised “a 360-experience” in the coming days over at this website, which probably means a bunch of camera angles and the opportunity to isolate one of those many, many ears to listen to at our will. Welcome to the future, where no degree is left behind.