VIDEO: Action Bronson – The Symbol

action bronson the symbol

What does your favourite blogtastic rapper taste like? Mine? Well, he’s what a Michelin starred chef would make after being given only four pounds of beef and 20 minutes to prepare something worthy of existing on this planet, and his name is Action Bronson. This year, he’s already gifted us the wonderfully bonkers Blue Chips mixtape, with some help from Party Supplies (get it while it’s still there), and he’s gearing up to hand us yet another delectable auditory treat with a new ‘tape produced entirely by the stupidly great producing man The Alchemist. It’s set to be called Rare Chandeliers (that sound you’re hearing? It’s Lil B, wondering where the hashtag went) and has now delivered upon us a single to call its own, the stupidly great ‘The Symbol’. In addition to Bronson’s already considerably excellent flow and The Alchemist’s near perfect beat, we’ve got a video for it, too; a 70’s exploitation themed (that hasn’t been done enough) romp which finds our portly hero working his way to the top of the food chain (ha! Because he’s fat!) in a trailer for the fictional motion picture also titled ‘The Symbol’. Clever, ey? You can find the video above these words, or download it for free HERE, you lucky, sexy thing.