VIDEO: The Strokes – Making of Angles part 1


I think we all owe the universe a thank you this week. It’s already treated us to footage of Thom Yorke funkily flailing in crotch nullifying trousers, now its frisbeeing us a gift wrapped box, labelled ”Strokes studio footage, Love Karma xoxo”. Not a lot is given away in its 2 minutes, but what we do learn is going to change perceptions forever. Bet you didn’t know Julian had a thing for jeans so searingly red, fire extinguishers try and mate with his legs? Or the current status of Alberts afro versus impending baldness conundrum? Then there’s all that stuff about some new tracks destined to be on an album or something…A slinking, sexy, hip wiggle of a bassline here, a few Franz-esque dance punk drum fills there…It’s enough to have you reaching for the Kleenex, certainly when we see Jules recording his parts through a crack in the door, like some vocalist voyeur. No I don’t know what he means by ”Go away knee, Dominoes scary, De scarf, Don’t chew this, its sick rats that keep us apart…” either, but it sounds bloody good and that’s all that matters.