SORT OF NEW: Kindness – Gee Up


And so to what seems to be an annual thing round these here Misc backwaters, we fall on a ”post something about Kindness aka Adam Bainbridge in the hope that he actually releases something” date in the calendar. It’s true if we mention Adam’s rather sparse musical exploits any more than we have already, we’ll reach our Nu Disco indebted limits and have to reinvent the website as Kind Music a one stop shop for all things lanky, hairy and undeniably funky. But until that day comes (and it is coming, March 19th to coincide with his album release) you’ll just have to make do with this, a reinvigorated, somewhat extended version of his 2009 hit ”Gee Up”. What’s that? Why yes, I do mean that track we blogged about back in 2009 when Misc was yet to cut the digital tumblr umbilical cord and our posts read like a high schooler trying to get away with doing as little as possible for their homework… Thanks for noticing! Not much has changed since that time, but there are a few salient points I’ve cherry picked from my thesis in Brainbology for you to mull over.

  • It’s confirmed, not only does Adam harbor the ghostly vocals of Arthur Russel, but he also contains a speaking voice somewhere between Richard E Grant and Hugh Grant. It’s the sort of baritone so charmingly British, that if he delivered you news that you only had a week to live, your first thought would be ”I fancy a cup of tea”.
  • Gee Up has been re-recorded, losing none of it’s wonky sentimental funk whilst gaining a brand spanking new set of cowbells, cymbals and a shiny pop sheen.
  • The video now comes bookended with a self referential, sort of set in the past but made in the future comedy that’s a cross between The Office UK and Nathan Barley. (Which by the way Brainbles, better be a complete season that comes with a special edition version of the album, or the Kind Music reinvention is OFF.

Okay that’s enough slacking off. Time for revision. YES there will be a test. Misc dismissed.