SEE: Three clips from Odd Future’s “Loiter Squad”


Predictable Future (a slow decline of interest as fans move on to the Insane Clown Posse) have had some shit going on lately, shit which I haven’t even considered writing about because, well, there’s only so many times you can hear 14 year old children recite the word swag before you curse the creator. But for a moment back there, I forgot all about their forthcoming televisualized adventures. Proving once and for all that Homer Simpson really was right, and now that i’ve been mercifully spared from the memories gifted by Jasper Carrot’s seminal “Classic Carrot Vol 1“, i’m free to dive right back into their work as if nothing ever happened. Interestingly, these three clips from on high do much to peel away the lolsorandom facade from the contorted face of Odd Future, successfully re-imagining them as the last true torchbearers of subtly. True enough, an inferior crew would have plumped to simply be the black 20-piece Tim & Eric, and props therefore go firmly to the Unusual Future Society for their effortless “Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Arrested Development in a toilet and exchanges awkward glances” style. You can observe their debut efforts below, and remember, it definitely isn’t just a worse Tim & Eric.