SEE: The Horrors perform “I Can See Through You” and (a bit of) “Endless Blue”


TV. It’s a big rectangle with light coming from it, but that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter, is that our favourite Psychedelic Furs/The Chameleons tribute influenced act recently performed on it, for one man charisma vacuum Carson Daly, no less. Rather, they did less performing for him and more performing for a packed audience at the El Rey Theatre in L.A. Carson just stands in an abandoned bowling alley, hopelessly clutching at his plastic sphere in what can only be described as one horrifically lonely man, desperately clinging to his dreams as everything else shuts down around him. A sight eerily reminiscent of George Bush’s infamous “now watch this drive” moment. Performance wise, The Horrors do that thing where they look down a lot, letting the perpetually leaning Faris Badwan soak up all the limelight so they can get busy looking cool. They played “I Can See Through You” and a few very brief moments of the sprawling “Endless Blue” before they’re ruthlessly cut off by the end credits a couple of minutes in. You can see both of them below, in the order previously mentioned.


  • It’s a pity, I think Endless Blue is one of the best tracks they’ve done, yet I can See Through you is one of the weakest on the album.