SEE: The Flaming Lips doc “The Fearless Freaks” for free


Psst.¬†Hey, you, reader. Come over here, no need to be shy. Good, good. Now, what are you doing for the next 103 minutes? That’s right, fuck all. You ain’t doing shit. That’s fine, it’s perfect, don’t be ashamed. I’ve got something for you. No, it isn’t that, but me later and I might well consider it. No, what I actually have is Bradley Beesley’s career spanning, heart warming and beautifully constructed Flaming Lips documentary “The Fearless Freaks”, a motion picture which up until this very moment demanded you pay a little something to see it. Well, not anymore kiddo, because you can see the entire thing for free below these words, an action which is recommended for anyone with even a passing interest in brilliant things. I hope you enjoy it.