SEE: Solange performs ‘Losing You’ live on Jimmy Fallon

Solange and

At the risk of these pages becoming some sort of prolonged masturbation session over Solange Knowles and her partner in crime Dev Hynes, there’s probably a few more times I can get away with it before I’m forced to rename this website Misc.Solange in accordance with the trades description act. Still, there are just some things that deserve coverage, like major natural¬†disasters, the tattoo habits of Rihanna or, indeed, the first airing of Losing You, live on the telly box. This most important of events took place on Jimmy Fallon just two days ago and features all the synchronized dance moves, poor sample mixing and outright charm you’d expect from a performance of one of 2012’s finest songs. Observe it above, with your face.

Solange’s TRUE EP is out now via Terrible Records, so buy it already.