SEE: Pulp perform “Common People” & “Like A Friend” on Fallon


Boy, do I love Pulp. If they were a foodstuff, I would smear them over myself and post pictures all over the internet on specialist fetish websites, it’s just that kind of pay-per-view love. Their brand of hyper-literate pop halted back in 2002, with nothing to satiate my endless Cocker based thirst but one insane appearance in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire and a couple of solo albums which I didn’t like as much as I should do (I’m so, so sorry). This was my daily torment, until one fateful, far too exciting day back in late 2010 they announced they’d be dancing their way back into my life and onto stages across the whole planet. Since then I’ve failed quite effortlessly to see them in their fleshy glory. Still, there are some voyeuristic pleasures to be taken from the act of watching clips of Pulp performing live on your internetbox, which is what I bring to you today. Below these words can be found two typically brilliant performances of both Common People & Like A Friend, because you’re worth it.