SEE: LCD Soundsystem perform Dance Yrself Clean from SUAPTH

302 lcd_soundsystem

Living in the UK, LCD Soundsystem’s farewell concert way back in the halcyon days of 2011 started at about 4am in the morning, which means I might well have, maybe, fallen asleep and missed the entire thing. Sure, I found a slightly illegal torrent of the concert and took in every sight and sound of it’s 4 hour duration, but the magic of the moment felt like it eluded me somewhat. Exciting times for people who want to feel that way too, then, because now they can, thanks to the wonders of Shut Up and Play the Hits, a documentary charting the final triumphant moments of LCD and the Soundsystems that’s soon to be showing at select cinemas across the USA (you do hate us, don’t you, James?). Available below is but a mere sample of that terrible “I just missed a great party” feeling, in the all too brief shape of This Is Happening cut ‘Dance Yrself Clean’. Remember, it’s not working unless you feel a little worse off at the end of it.

DEAR JAMES: I’m still waiting for you to finish mixing the concert for DVD and Blu-Ray release, Muphles. Hurry up.