SEE: Kanye West’s American Psycho parody/Yeezus promo


Now, be honest, when you first heard that Kanye West was soon to release the follow up to his much adored 2010 effort My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it wasn’t the promise of more soul sample re-purposing that got you hyped, was it? No, like most others, you caught wind of something else, something properly exciting blowing in from the east. Indeed, word came in that Kanye, in promotion of Yeezus, had filmed an American Psycho parody with a couple of his new chums and intended to air it at listening parties. Unusual, you might think, but I ask you this; what else could he have done?  Now, freed from the shackles of those exclusive listening parties, that parody had found its way onto YouTube holding the promise of a redefinition of the term HD in one hand, and all your hopes and dreams in another. You can see it above.

Yeezus was officially released today, a total of 4 days after everyone in the world managed to hear it. Just remember, it’s never too late to actually buy it.