SEE: James Blake & Metronomy do Jools Holland (hurrr)

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Over here in the UK we have a broadcasting corporation that is primarily British, it features precisely zero adverts and is home to some of the bravest, exciting and honest programming on the planet (as well as this, of course). We’ve also got a little program called Later… With Jools Holland in which an enthusiastic man/penguin hybrid strolls around a large circular studio populated by grinning idiots stood at the back, former legends sat at tables trying to look casual and bands who occasionally get written about on sexy web based musical rags such as this. “But who” I imagine you cry yourself to sleep with, well musicians like Metronomy and  James Blake for two who appeared in last nights pre-recorded version performing ‘The Bay’, ‘The Look’ & ‘ Limit To Your Love’ + ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ respectively. You can see the entire episode over here if you’re from the UK, and if not you’ll have to make do with some kindly uploaded youtube clips above and below. R. Kelly even plays I Believe I Can Fly! You can’t put a price on that kind of musical magic, can you?