SEE: Hercules and Love Affair perform ‘Blind’ live, for the first time


QUICKLY, What was your favourite single of 2009? Well, aside from Party in the U.S.A. Hang about, let me rephrase; what was your favourite DFA single from that year? Alright, you’re not going to get it. It was Blind, by Hercules and Love Affair, which was by far the finest thing of that year, and undoubtedly among the best things of any year. Sadly though, that particular slice of audial perfection has long been hidden from the desperate ears of the concert going public, eternally hindered by the notable lack of Antony Hegarty shaped humans on stage willing to belt out the lyrics both in tune, and on time in front of an audience. This changed two days ago when Antony brought his charming, funny self along to a Hercules gig to give the track it’s live debut in London, a video of which you can see above, featuring a crowd who know not the glory that they witness.