SEE: Flying Lotus’ ‘Until the Quiet Comes’ short film

until the quiet comes short film

If you’re one of the many recently swayed by the excellent deals to be had on stone abodes, you’ll have likely missed out on the news that Flying Lotus (or FlyLo to people presumably too busy to throw an extra couple of syllables in) has a new album coming out – his first since 2010’s insta-classic Cosmogramma. It’s set to be titled Until The Quiet Comesand has already given up this jazztastic, curiously short, Erykah Badu featuring number. However, If the history of modern music promotion has taught us one thing, it’s that once the public is handed one track, they soon get them all. Unless, of course, we’re speaking of Flying Lotus. In which case, the public instead recieve nearly four minutes of Kahlil Joseph’s handsome visuals for the various voices and instrumentation that makes up Flying Lotus’ newest record. The entire thing is available to see above, if your selective vision has been playing up again.

Until the Quiet Comes is arriving on the 2nd of October, be ready for it.